Boer Bucks

** Due to limited stalling and bio-security I’m not offering outside breedings at this time. I do intend to have my bucks collected in 2022, please contact me if you are interested in purchasing semen. If you need assistance locating a buck for live cover breeding, please reach out. There are many great bucks and great goat breeders in Michigan, I’m happy to help you make a connection. Happy Breeding Season! **

Registration # 10778597 – KS13 DMC Joe Louis (SQ)

Born: September 1, 2017 – Fullblood

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Newton Farms Duece’s Bow ADVBG Unanimous Decision (SQ) *ENNOBLED*

I fell in love with Louie’s dam, Newton Farms Duece’s Bow (shown below) at the Michigan 4-H Goat show in 2017. She bested some beautiful dairy goats to be named the Best Doe in Show at the event. She then went on to be the Reserve Grand Champion at the 2017 Michigan State Fair and Great Lakes Boer Show.

Louie’s sire, ADVBG Unanimous Decision (SQ) *ENNOBLED* (shown below) needs no introduction. He was Grand Champion Junior Fullblood buck at the 2016 ABGA National Show and Reserve Champion Yearling Fullblood buck at the 2017 ABGA National Show.

Louie’s 2019 does, Au Bel JL Hilde and Au Bel Michigan and 2020 doe Au Bel Helene can be seen on the Boer Does page. Louis’s 2019 buck Au Bel Manitowoc has been retained, see below.

Louis’ sire: ADVBG Unanimous Decision (SQ) *ENNOBLED*
Louis’ Dam: Newton Farms Duece’s Bow

Registration # 10828062 – Au Bel Manitowoc (PQ)

Born: October 13, 2019 – Fullblood

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1TNL Chances Are… KS13 DMC Joe Louis

Manitowoc is named after the 630′ long Lake Freighter, he’s almost as long as his namesake. 😉 Manny caught my eye as a kid, he had that presence that proclaimed he was something. And he’s also a total sweetheart, which certainly doesn’t hurt! Manny will be used on our percentage does for club/market goat prospects. If he stamps them with his length and mass, I’ll be happy. Newton Farms Blurred’s Hoot is confirmed bred X Au Bel Manitowoc for November 21, 2020 kids.

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