Show wethers and buck kids will be available in 2019 – please contact me at for more information. Kids may be reserved with $100 deposit. Deposit may be refunded or transferred to a different animal if an animal is not born or offered for sale. Kids will be sold at a discounted price to 4-H and FFA participants.

All goats are test negative for CAE, CL and Johne’s.


10642651 1TNL Chances Are… (OT)

ABGA Pedigree Information: CLICK HERE

You only have one CHANCE to purchase your foundation doe! When I decided to venture into breeding Boers, I looked for the best animal I could get my hands on. With 9 *ENNOBLED* animals in her four generation pedigree, she fit the bill! I call her “Dottie” and she comes to Au Bel Farm from the Mitchell family of Topnotch Livestock in Alger, Ohio.

Dottie is bred to KS13 DMC Joe Louis (SQ) due Fall 2019

  • All Does Retained
  • One Buck Kid will be Retained
  • Contact today to reserve your buck/wether kid!

10713408 Newton Farms Blurred’s Hoot E456

Newton Farms Blurred’s Hoot E456

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Hootie is a special goat with a deep love of marshmallows!  She’s a 3/4 (75%) American Percentage doe and daughter of AABG NBD Blurred Vision (SQ) *ENNOBLED* (shown below) – Blurred Vision was the Overall Grand Champion Fullblood Buck at the 2014 NAILE.

Sire: AABG NBD Blurred Vision (SQ) Ennobled

2019 KIDS:

Newton Farms Blurred’s Hoot E456 x KS13 DMC Joe Louis (SQ)

Born: February 8, 2019

  • Doe: Au Bel JL Hilde (ABGA: 10801710)
  • Doe: Au Bel JL Hoot’s Holler (ABGA: 10801709)
  • Buck/Wether: Au Bel JL Huckleberry (ABGA: 10801708)

10797312 KCK2 Red Royal Hazel

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Hazel is Hootie’s (Newton Farms Blurred’s Hoot E456 – see above) 2018 red doe kid. Bred by Katelyn Walters of Burr Oak, MI, Hazel is an 7/8 (88%) American Percentage daughter of the paint & dappled buck MW8 Westfall’s Royal Spot (SQ).

Hazel’s is spending May and June in the buck pen with KS13 DMC Joe Louis (SQ). Check back for more information on October/November 2019 kids.


10778597 KS13 DMC Joe Louis (SQ)

KS13 DMC Joe Louis (SQ)

ABGA Pedigree Information: CLICK HERE

‘Louie’ is a September 2017 embryo transfer buckling and pictured above just shy of his first birthday.  Named after Michigan’s favorite boxing heavyweight, I’m excited to see how he matures. Louie’s sire, ADVBG Unanimous Decision (SQ) *ENNOBLED* (shown below) was Grand Champion Junior Fullblood buck at the 2016 ABGA National Show and Reserve Champion Yearling Fullblood buck at the 2017 ABGA National Show.

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