Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Planned Breedings

Doe/EweBuck/RamKidding/Lambing DateConfirmed BredKid/Lamb %Kid/Lambs Availability
1TNL Chances Are….KS13 DMC Joe LouisNovember 21, 2020Confirmed Bred100% Fullblood1 Doe Retained
Newton Farms Blurred’s HootAuBel ManitowocNovember 21, 2020Confirmed Bred87.5% 1 Doe Retained
KCK2 Red Royal HazelBAMF Smokin Hot Half Time ShowMarch 2021Confirmed Bred93.75%1 Doe Retained
Au Bel JL HildeA.I. Buck – TBD202193.75%1 Doe Retained
SammyLudlams StellaLittle Eagle LeckMarch 2021100%1 Ewe Retained
SammyLudlams VeraLittle Eagle LeckMarch 2021100%1 Ewe Retained

Please email leslie@aubelfarm.com for more information or to place a deposit on a 2021 kid or lamb.

Shetland Ram – “Little Eagle Leck” – $300

Leck is a beautiful gray 2019 ram that has done his job here. I’m retaining all his 2020 ewe lambs, and I’ve bred my ewes to him again for 2021 with the intent of retaining some of that crop as well. He will not be used to full potential in the coming years. Please reach out if you are interested. I’m motivated to place him to a new farm before winter.

Shetland Wether – “Grover” – $250

Grover is a beautiful wether lamb with gorgeous long, soft fleece. I’d planned to show him as a ram at the 2020 Michigan Fiber Fest, but unfortunately the event, like so many others, was cancelled. I made the tough decision to castrate him due to limited pen space. He’s related to all of my ewes, and could not be retained as a sire. He’s available as a fiber pet to the right home, if he’s unsold I will happily keep him and his beautiful fleeces!

Huck and Holly – $250 each, must go together

Huck and Holly are available to approved pet homes only! They are 2019 horned, small-framed adult boer goats. Both are quite friendly, but not in your pocket. They would be great for pasture companions for a gentle horse. Priced slightly above auction rate to prevent livestock brokers from profiting on re-sale. Please inquire for more information, Huck is wethered and Holly is inter-sex (sterile) and displays no bucky-behavior. They are easy keepers.


Thank you to the following sheep and goat producers who have supporting our breeding program

Fullblood Boer Buck – Registration # 10828061 – Au Bel Edmund Fitzgerald – October 2019

SOLD – Thank you Sugar Creek Farms

Au Bel Edmund Fitzgerald at 11 months old