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Spring 2022 Planned Breedings

I only plan to bred two does for spring 2022, my Boer doe Helene and my Alpine Robin. When they are confirmed bred, I will post an update. I’m giving both my does and myself a little break as I work to cycle my Boers to a fall kidding schedule. I plan to breed five Boers for Fall 2022.

2021 Boer Buck – “Hud” – $500 – SOLD! Pending Pickup

Au Bel Half Time Huddle – 94% ABGA buck kid born March 8, 2021

Check out this pedigree! His great-grand sires top to bottom: LK7 Lucky Dog, C S B Broken S Smokin Hot Ruger, CRCR Coppertop, AABG NBD Blurred Vision… it doesn’t get much better than that!

“Hud” is a unique buck that can work for both percentage and purebred programs.PM for more information, located in Belding, Michigan 48809. Bite is good, teats are 2×2 with small spur. Dam and Sire photos in the comments, he is a triplet. I’m retaining his red dapple and solid red sisters. Hud’s sire is a red dapple and dam is solid red.

2020 Shetland Ewe – “Willow” – $300

Willow as a lamb in 2020
Willow 2021
Willow as a lamb

2021 Shetland Ewe – “Bunny” – $300

2021 Shetland Wethers – “Ben” & “Glen” – $200

Wethers Glen (left) and Ben (right) in 2021

2020 Shetland Wether – “Grover” – $200

Grover is a beautiful wether lamb with gorgeous long, soft fleece. I’d planned to show him as a ram at the 2020 Michigan Fiber Fest, but unfortunately the event, like so many others, was cancelled. I made the tough decision to castrate him due to limited pen space. He’s related to all of my ewes, and could not be retained as a sire. He’s available as a fiber pet to the right home, if he’s unsold I will happily keep him and his beautiful fleeces!

Huck and Holly – $250 each, must go together

Huck and Holly are available as pets. They are 2019 horned, small-framed adult boer goats. Both are quite friendly, but not in your pocket. They would be great for pasture companions for a gentle horse. Please inquire for more information, Huck is wethered and Holly is inter-sex (sterile) and displays no bucky-behavior. They are easy keepers.


Thank you to the following sheep and goat producers who have supporting our breeding program

Fullblood Boer Buck – Registration # 10828061 – Au Bel Edmund Fitzgerald – October 2019

SOLD – Thank you Sugar Creek Farms

Au Bel Edmund Fitzgerald at 11 months old

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