Redwood Hills L Robin

The incredibly hard to photograph because she’s always in my pocket – Redwood Hills L Robin

“Robi” is a long time coming. I’ve window-shopped for years on the Redwood Hill’s farm website. In 2018, I finally did it! Fourteen years after my last alpine was born, I placed a deposit on a kid from Robin’s mother. Her mother was my very favorite doe of the farm’s many, many lovely animals. I was third in line for a kid and I knew that ‘my girl’ would likely not be available until 2020.

In 2019, my good taste in goats was confirmed when the doe I’d placed my deposit on was named the 2019 NATIONAL CHAMPION, GCH Redwood Hills Klein Rosetta! When I heard the news I was both over-joyed and full of fret – would I still be able to get my doe?? I was overwhelmed with gratitude when the Bice family offered the sale of Robin! Robin’s sire: Shining-Moon Lucchese is a son of 2019 Reserve National Champion GCH Olentangy Speeding Austina.

Due to Redwood Hills and their years of breeding quality animals, I have such a head-start in breeding alpines and I will be forever grateful! Please visit their website for more information on their beautiful herd:

Robin will remain dry in 2021, and yes… I have already selected the A.I. sire for her highly anticipated 2022 kids. Stay tuned.