Au Bel Farm


Au Bel Farm is located in west central Michigan and owned by Leslie Warner.  Au Bel began in 2017, but Leslie has raised small ruminants since 2000 when she bred and exhibited Alpine and LaMancha dairy goats under the herd name Americana Acres. 

The farm is named for the family my Grandfather bought his farm, the property to my immediate north, from decades ago. It is also a loose-translation for ‘To The Beautiful’, the common pursuit of all livestock breeders as well as a reference to our hometown in Belding, Michigan

Today, the farm is home to registered Shetland Sheep, Boer goats, and Alpine dairy goats. Please reach out if you’d like to know more about our animals and breeding plans. 

** Due to limited stalling and bio-security I’m not offering outside breedings at this time. I do intend to have my bucks collected in 2022, please contact me if you are interested in purchasing semen. If you need assistance locating a buck for live cover breeding, please reach out. There are many great bucks and great goat breeders in Michigan, I’m happy to help you make a connection. Happy Breeding Season! **

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