Au Bel Farm Find: Arlo Barn Cameras

It’s Fall Kidding season at the farm and it seems like my boer doe Dottie will NEVER have her babies. This means I’ve spent a lot of time watching my Arlo Barn cameras. Last week I posted the photo below of my ‘barn-watch’ setup! I’ll admit, it’s pretty cozy! Certainly a big improvement from myContinue reading “Au Bel Farm Find: Arlo Barn Cameras”

There is an App for that…

Happy New Year!! In the past few weeks I’ve taken on a couple special projects. One was really easy. I downloaded the app Livestocked and entered all my animal’s data. It’s a herd management software that tracks animal breedings, treatments, weight gain rates, pasture information and other handy stuff. I’m really happy with it soContinue reading “There is an App for that…”


If you raise boer goats, take Haemonchus seriously. I want to take a moment to promote a resource I’ve found essential to the fight against Barber Pole Worm. The American Consortium on Small Ruminant Parasite Control – I rely on this site as my only source of de-worming information – it’s that good! MuchContinue reading “Haemonchus”

Life on a Construction Site…

What does construction look like….  how about posting a photo taken on June 16th on October 28th!  This summer has been busy, to say the least! The barn is up, the well drilled, the Premier 1 feeders have been built…  The pasture was planted to an alfalfa/birdfoot trefoil/brome grass/orchard grass mix and the fence willContinue reading “Life on a Construction Site…”

Sheep in a Jeep!

Welcome home Vera and Stella! These beautiful Shetland ewe lambs come from Vera is on the right, her color is described as ‘Musket’ a light greyish-brown. Stella is on the left, her color is described as ‘Emsket’ a dusky blueish gray.  Both girls also have ‘Bersugget’ markings, which means irregular patches of different colors;Continue reading “Sheep in a Jeep!”

What’s in a name?

Picking a farm name is tough work…  and there were lots of options since my place is windy… rocky… sandy… and MANY suggestions were thrown around reflecting lots of memories! But after a round of beers at the Newaygo Brewing Company, a name was picked! I (Leslie) started my farming adventure as a 4-Her inContinue reading “What’s in a name?”