32464394_10112743392750594_4768722662857900032_nWelcome home Vera and Stella!

These beautiful Shetland ewe lambs come from http://www.windsweptfarms.com

Vera is on the right, her color is described as ‘Musket’ a light greyish-brown. Stella is on the left, her color is described as ‘Emsket’ a dusky blueish gray.  Both girls also have ‘Bersugget’ markings, which means irregular patches of different colors; variegated.


The Shetland breed of sheep comes from the Shetland islands, found about 50 miles northeast of mainland Scotland.

These girls will be sheared once a year, and their beautiful wool will be knitted into yarn.  My family will be getting socks for Christmas for life!




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